The designers at Werner Landscapes combine the formal education of UGA's School of Environental Design with more than 20 years of field experience to insure each project's success. Comprehensive scaled master plans are specifically tailored to meet the site's environmental conditions and achieve the customer's goal for a beautiful landscape while working within the constraints of the budget. The design process begins with a customer consultation to determine project's needs and desires. Then a comprehensive site analysis is performed which provides important data directly related to design development. The other components of the master plan include hardscape, plantings, and a cost estimate.


The first phase of any project involves preparation of the site. This includes any necessary grading and drainage which can be paramount to the success and survivability of a project. Site work not only prepares the landscape to handle such important functions as rainwater runoff, but can also change the aesthetic face of a project with the addition or removal of dirt and overgrown plantings.


Werner Landscapes incorporates the sound principles of design and installation to create both a functional and beautiful hardscape that reflects the tone of the existing architecture and ultimately adds lasting value and personal style to each project. Hardscape designs and installations include patios, walks and paths, retaining walls and boundary walls, outdoor fireplaces and firepits, a variety of water features, fences, arbors, and more.


Plantings are one of the most important components of any landscape. Whether providing a beautiful focal point, softening existing architecture, screening an unsightly view, or providing shade for pleasant outdoor living, our experts design with a rich and diverse pallet of plants to meet the many challenges of each site. At Werner Landscapes we hand select the plants for maximum size, shape, and quality to meet the design objectives at completion of the installation and as the landscape matures over time. Appropriate plant selection, proper spacing, amended soil, sound planting techniques, and a top dressing of quality mulch insure both the health and long term performance of the plantings in our projects.


The experienced staff at Werner Landscapes is trained to provide standard maintenance services such as mowing, edging, blowing, pruning, weed control, fertilization, basic pest control, and leaf removal. These maintenance services are provided with Werner Landscapes’ unique philosophy of protecting the design objectives both now and as the landscape matures. Our designers provide the necessary guidance to insure that each project's ultimate design goal is not lost over the years.


Werner Landscapes is excited to introduce our latest service, garden coaching, to the greater Atlanta area. Garden coaching is a fun and affordable way for homeowners to add value and enjoyment to their own yards under the supervision of a skilled landscape professional. It is a custom service for people who don't have it in the budget to hire a professional landscape company to design, install, or maintain their yard; people who are willing to do the work themselves, but don't know where to begin. Our garden coaches take the intimidation and mystery out of the sometimes overwhelming process by determining reasonable goals that are personalized to each homeowner and their garden space. We familiarize our customers with the plants and existing environmental conditions that make up their landscape, diagnose problems and create the appropriate design solutions, demonstrate the necessary planting and maintenance skills, and teach the homeowner how to select and use the tools to accomplish the job.